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Intro to Quilting - Sticks and Stones Quilt

Make your first quilt in this fun 3 night workshop.  You will learn how to make different types of quilt blocks and put 3 them together to make the Sticks and Stones Quilt.  You will learn quilt piecing, basting, quilting and binding.  Students will leave with a finished quilt approximately
40” x 58”.


  • Choosing cotton fabric would be the best bet
  • Choose a low-loft cotton or cotton mix crib sized batting
  • The question to prewash fabric yardage or not is a continuing question among quilters. If you chose to prewash, wash in warm/cool water adding “color catcher” sheets
  • If purchasing precut fabric strips, do not prewash
  • Choose colors that make you happy

Stick block:   3 colors - ¼ yd each      (fabrics 1, 2, 3)
Stone block:  White – ¾ yd (fabric 4)
                    Black – ¼ yd (fabric 5)
Border:   ½ yd (fabric 6)
Backing:   1 ¾ yd (fabric 7)
Binding:   ¾ yd (fabric 8)
Batting:   45” x 60” (crib size)
Thread to match

About Judy Paiva

Although I am a geologist in my professional life, my passion is working with fabric and thread and it has been a part of me since the days of Wakefield High School Home Crafts class. I began my interest in quilting when my son was a baby. He’s 38 years old now! Yikes! I taught myself through reading books and a lot of trial and error. Remember this was before the internet! I consider myself a traditional quilter with a modern twist. Quilting history and the history of quilt blocks are very interesting to me. My recent work has included experiments in quilting arts such as thread painting and pictorial quilts.

Most of my quilts have been given as gifts to friends and family for weddings, new babies and other special occasions. In recent years, I’ve made commission quilts and work mainly through word of mouth.

Teaching has always been of interest to me. In the past I’ve held informal “classes” in my home to friends interested in learning. I love the thought of inspiring others to begin their own journey into the quilt world and perhaps it may become their own passion as it has been for me!

Intro to Quilting - Sticks and Stones Quilt

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